Situated between the “Scala” mountains, this reserve has benefited from a very peculiar geographic position, protected from the cold northern winds thanks to the tall rocky outcrops and open mainly to the warm and moist currents coming in from the south this whole area is exposed to very high rainfall (generally concentrated over 3 months). Because of these ideal conditions this valley has kept intact its ancient microclimate thus preserving pockets of ancient vegetation unique to this area.
Amongst these species which go back to the Triassic period (millions of years ago) we will experience clumps of the gigantic fern “Woodwardia radicans” Next to it, we will also find other rare plants like "Pteris Cretica", the "Pteris Vittata", the "Erica Terminalis", (Very beautiful orchid) and the very rare carnivorous plant “Pinguicola Hirtiflora”.

A lot of Water and Musk.

This area is also an ideal habitat for numerous animal species, like the "Racoon Salamander" a harmless dark red amphibian who has two large light spots on its head, which give it a terrifying appearance to its predators.
With a little bit of luck, we might also spot an Otter, feeding on trout.
This area also has a very large variety of water insects like dragonflies, “efemere” and “Tricotteri”. We might also see some skipping “Raganelle”, birds and other small mammals in this fascinating natural kingdom.
This whole ecosystem represents an incalculable scientific wealth and an irreplaceable natural Jewel.
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The richness of water in this valley, creates an unusual subtropical micro-climate; similar examples in the world can be found in countries like Mexico or India.

Detail of the "woodwardia radicans" – a young sample.

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